One of the unfortunate but common results of someone’s death is a dispute arising over a will or trust. In some cases, a loved one may feel they aren’t being given a fair share of the deceased’s estate, or they have received less than anticipated.

The key to a successful will or trust is having a well-drafted document that lays out the specific details of a matter. There are those, even with the deceased’s wishes laid out in the most explicit terms, who fight for their own interpretation. They may even believe a will or trust was conceived when the deceased was not mentally competent enough to state their wishes.

In other cases, agents, administrators or trustees may have breached their duty or have been perceived to do so. Fraud and breaches of trust are just some of the allegations that may be lobbed in will and trust litigation lawsuits.

Emotions can make these difficult to clear up. Much like divorce, reason can be tossed out the window and siblings or other loved ones may end up adversaries. This only increases the pain they already feel after losing a cherished parent, grandparent, spouse or someone else they were close to.

Emotional lawsuits are expensive legal procedures, too. Both sides could end up depleting their personal finances and the value of the estate in paying for court and attorney fees. Having an attorney already experienced in estate planning and probate can facilitate resolution to disputes.  

Let an attorney clear up the confusion



If you’re involved in a dispute over a will or trust, you can protect your rights. If you suspect someone else may dispute the terms of a will or trust or has not carried them out, you need to speak with an attorney. Not all attorneys are up to the task when it comes to these legal matters, but Thomas J. Neagle, of The Neagle Law Firm in Carrboro, is prepared to defend your case.

Thomas is a North Carolina board-certified estate planning and probate law attorney. Obtaining his expertise means you have someone who has a current understanding of laws that apply to these disputes. His knowledge can help you protect your rights in these troubling times.

The Neagle Law Firm represents clients involved in the following matters:

  • Will or trust construction / interpretation

  • Breaches of fiduciary duties for fiduciaries (agents, personal representatives, guardians, and trustees)

  • Constructive trusts, constructive fraud, fraud, breaches of trust

  • Will caveats – undue influence and mental capacity

  • Setting aside real estate conveyance

Will & Trust Disputes Attorney in Carrboro, NC

Haven’t you and your family suffered enough? If you’re facing uncertainty within a deceased loved one’s will or trust, let an expert North Carolina attorney help you clarify the matter. Set up a consultation with The Neagle Law Firm in Carrboro, NC to obtain the help of board-certified attorney Thomas J. Neagle. Thomas has dedicated his practice to helping families and loved ones find peace of mind through a better understanding of estate and probate law.