Much like powers of attorney for health care and finances, a guardianship allows another individual or entity to manage the health care and finances of a person, known as the “ward,” in the event that person is unable to do so for themselves.

Unlike the powers of attorney, guardianships are relatively expensive in terms of legal fees and can be time-consuming. Further, the ward's choice of guardian, if any, may or may not be honored by the court, which would base its decision on the best interests of the ward. For example, under certain circumstances, the court may elect to have the Department of Social Services serve as guardian of the person.

A guardianship may involve management of finances, known as “guardian of the estate,” or management of health and personal care, called “guardian of the person.” When the guardianship involves both, it is referred to as a “general guardianship.”

Before a guardianship can proceed, a few details must be confirmed. The first is competency of the intended ward. This determination is based on clear and convincing evidence that the ward can or cannot take care of themselves.

An adjudication of incompetency declares that an individual has lost their rights to liberty or control of property. If a ward is declared incompetent, the court will follow a procedure to handle this matter.

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In most cases, time and money could be saved by properly executing financial and healthcare powers of attorney prior to incompetency, which typically avoids a guardianship proceeding.

However, guardianships may be useful to override an agent under the powers of attorney, if needed.

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