You may have set aside for the future, but that doesn’t guarantee it will be there when you need it. Asset protection planning provides a crucial layer of protection for what you’ve earned through investments, real estate, your business and other methods.

This financial planning tool is one of the most effective ways to insulate yourself against future creditors who may attempt to take away your assets. It can help you put your assets out of judgment’s reach.

Doctors, lawyers, real estate developers are among those individuals most at risk of losing everything through a lawsuit. For asset protection to fully take care of your needs, it must be put in place before legal action by a creditor is taken against you.

Lawsuits can be expensive matters for anyone, especially when their assets are on the line. Asset protection effectively takes certain assets off the table. When an opposing attorney searches for your public holdings, asset protection can allow you to have financial privacy. Without assets to pursue, you could be saved the high cost of attorney and court fees in addition to any judgments against your assets.

Domestic asset protection laws in North Carolina allow exemptions for life insurance policies, homestead protection, IRAs (including Roth IRAs) and private disability compensation. There are restrictions for each of these, but a North Carolina attorney can help you find the best domestic asset protection options.

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Effective planning starts with careful consideration with an attorney

All asset protection circumstances are unique. Some solutions may work better than others. Taking care of them requires an attorney who can personalize strategies to meet your goals and needs.

North Carolina attorney Thomas J. Neagle can guide you through the process and educate you about your options. You won’t – and shouldn’t – make any decisions about your assets without having a complete overview and understanding of the paths you can take to protect your family and business’ future.

You may worry that these methods are illegal, but Thomas will lead you through legal vehicles of asset protection. You will be supplied with the tools to avoid risks you might otherwise have been vulnerable to without asset protection planning.

Asset Protection Attorney in Carrboro, NC

Do not waste another moment with your assets at risk. Contact The Neagle Law Firm in North Carolina to set up a consultation with attorney Thomas J. Neagle. He specializes in helping people protect what they’ve worked so hard to earn. Call Thomas’ office or fill out the form on this website to explore the possibilities that could save wealth and property you’ve accumulated for a better future.