Leave nothing to chance about your future in Durham

You may not be able to predict all circumstances of your future, but you can start planning with expert legal advice. The Neagle Law Firm serves Durham, NC clients who are ready to take care of their families and businesses.

Attorney Thomas J. Neagle is a board-certified estate planning and probate law attorney who has seen to the needs of many in his career. He provides valid solutions for protecting assets, establishing wills and trusts, standing up for the rights of Durham county clients involved in estate disputes, and business formations.

Thomas is a highly experienced estate planning and probate lawyer. His North Carolina board certification proves he is up to the task of preparing you, your family, and business for the future, no matter the circumstances.

Durham is home to Duke University, one of the top educational institutions in the country. Many graduates have called the Durham their home since they graduated. Greater education means you’re depending on the financial gains and other assets to see you through your retirement and to take care of your family after you’ve passed on. Make sure you have a plan in place to protect your family against the unforeseen circumstances that may arise. Contact The Neagle Law Firm to explore your options for a better future.