Preparing Chapel Hill families and business for the future

Chapel Hill, North Carolina is home to thousands of professionals working at the University of North Carolina and UNC Health Care. The educational opportunities in Orange County have allowed Chapel Hill to thrive with successful professionals, and chances are you’re one of them.

If you are, you likely have plans for retirement and want to protect your family and legacy, no matter what the future may hold. You may not know what is down the road in Chapel Hill, but having a plan in place is one of the best ways to ensure you, your family and business are prepared.

Attorney Thomas J. Neagle, of The Neagle Law Firm, serves the Chapel Hill area as a board-certified estate planning and probate expert. He engages in continuing education to provide the most comprehensive, high-quality estate planning options for his clients. 

With years of experience, Thomas has served clients from all over North Carolina, helping them draft wills, establish trusts, secure assets, and ensure estate and trust administrators have the support they need.

Businesses depend on Thomas’ legal counsel as well. He has helped Chapel Hill companies find the right footing through entity formation that suits their particular business models.

Contact The Neagle Law Firm today to set up a consultation at a reasonable rate with Thomas J. Neagle. He will help you make your next decision an excellent decision.