Attorney Thomas Neagle

Estate Planning and Probate Attorney in North Carolina

“My goal is to guide my clients to make well-informed decisions regarding (often complex) matters concerning their estates, and formulate and execute a plan for the orderly disposition of their assets for the benefit of their families."

North Carolina board-certified estate planning attorney Thomas J. Neagle has served the interests of individuals, families and businesses, seeing to their futures with the care, experience and knowledge that makes a difference.

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Practice Areas

We'll help you protect your estate.

Estate Overview

If you’re unsure of what an estate actually is or if you need a plan for it down the road, take a moment to learn more about what could be one of the most important parts of your future.

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Estate Planning

Most people mistakenly believe things will all work out. Estate planning leaves nothing to chance, and having the right plan in place, such as a will or trust, makes a difference.

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Estate Administration

Who will distribute your property when you die? Will you leave it up to the state to decide? An estate administrator ensures your wishes and property distribution are carried out.

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Business Formation

How your business starts could determine its course. Forming it the right way could mean greater tax benefits and greater profit potential. Learn more about your options.

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What happens to your loved ones if you unexpectedly die? Whether it’s for your children or an adult who requires your care, guardianships ensure their personal affairs are seen to.

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Asset Protection

Most people work hard for what they’ve earned, but there are those who may attempt to take it. Asset protection planning can help you protect your retirement fund or other important assets.

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Trust Administration

Keeping your estate out of probate calls for having a trust administrator. This prevents delays in property distribution and is generally less expensive than courtroom proceedings.

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Will and Trust Disputes

A deceased person’s estate plans may not always be accepted for followed as they were intended. These matters call for an experienced wills and trusts dispute resolution attorney.

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I continuously hone my skills and knowledge to provide the best service for reasonable fees.

Obtaining an excellent outcome for your family or business can be a complex process. Expertly drafted documents, an understanding of nuances in estate and business law, and attention to your specific circumstances and needs – all of these matter to what comes next in your life and business. You cannot afford to overlook anything, but this can be difficult on your own.

Attorney Thomas J. Neagle helps you account for all factors in creating your North Carolina estate plan or setting up a business. He not only examines your case, he keeps you informed so you can make an intelligent decision about your future. Having an advocate on your side to guide you through the process leads more often to an excellent outcome.

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The greatest compliment I receive is to be referred to one of your clients. Your trust in my experience is rewarded with quality legal representation for your client.

I can help you with your client’s estate planning needs

Having a board certified attorney guiding you means you will have an advocate who accounts for all nuances in estate planning, ensuring experienced advice for the disposition of assets and your estate. Your future and that of your family may well depend on it.

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Featured Areas We Serve

Durham NC skyline

Durham, NC

Representing the needs of families and businesses in Durham County, North Carolina, Thomas provides board-certified estate planning advice and options for clients.

Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC

Whether you’re forming a business or planning for your family’s future in Orange County, North Carolina, Thomas is ready to assist you in achieving your goals.

Raleigh NC skyline

Raleigh, NC

If you live in Wake County, North Carolina, Thomas is ready to prepare you, your family or your business for the future with expert estate planning guidance and business solutions.

Pittsboro street

Pittsboro, NC

If you live in Chatham County, North Carolina, Thomas is ready to prepare you, your family or your business for the future with expert estate planning guidance and business solutions.

Serving North Carolina families and their futures

Let my estate planning experience be your guide to a greater legacy

Don’t guess. Have a plan.

Nobody can predict the future in accurate detail. Anyone claiming they can is just guessing. Don’t leave anything to guesswork. Have a plan in place. We’re all susceptible to the whims of an unpredictable world, which is why having an estate plan with wills, powers of attorney and trusts, can be of great comfort for your family for the inevitable circumstances we may never see coming our way.

The way you plan for the future could have long-lasting effects on your family and business, and an attorney can walk you through your options. Thomas J. Neagle provides a personal approach to these sensitive details.

Let’s talk about it together.

If you haven’t made plans, start by calling Thomas J. Neagle’s office to set up a one-on-one consultation that could save your family money any unnecessary heartache and stress.